From April 1, 2017 free office number 202 and 216th


Our office building is located on Aksamitova Street 1 in Olomouc. The position is advantageous for office renting in the city especially thanks to the short distance to the city center. The Lower Square is only 300 meters far away and as such is easily accessible on foot. Moreover, the Aksamitova Street leads to the extensive Bezruc Gardens, while the entry to the park is directly next to the office building. The surroundings offer all necessary facilities like shops, restaurants and other services that are nearby.

Furthermore, close to our Olomouc offices there are a kindergarten and elementary school, city police quarters, as well as a couple of hotels. The Aksamitova Street also leads to a large partially roofed market place.

A medical center is also nearby. In the nearby area is built up business, shopping, cultural, entertainment and residential center Šantovka!